At Venom Collection we play our part in helping the world in a more Sustainable Fashion. We care about our environment, our future and our animals.

Did you know each year, millions of tons of plastics end up in the ocean. 80% of ocean waste originates from land. This waste travels to the center of the gyre where it collects. Scientist estimate that it takes about 20 years for waste to reach the center of the ocean. The oceans provide more than 50% of oxygen we breath. Thanks to the phytoplankton, that’s more than the rainforest!

Scientist estimated that 50% of all sea turtles have ingested plastic waste.

Plastic is a man-made substance. It isn’t supposed to be in the environment and the environment has no way of dealing with it, so it is building up and poisoning our earth like a disease. We live in a world where we are using up those resources faster than is sustainable. Very few of us are taught that our oceans keep us alive.

Venom Collection Swimwear & Activewear fabrics (Econyl & Repreve) are made from regenerated nylon waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets recovered from our ocean waste and recycled. We import our fabrics from Italy straight to our manufacturer.

We even use 100% compostable packing made from plants which are biodegradable & carbon neutral. We wrap all our products in eco-friendly tissue paper, and our custom stickers are printed with soy ink.

To learn more about ocean waste sustainability, check out link below.